Tournament Changes Announce

Tournaments will now fall into one of three ‘tiers’, Headline, Community, and Casual.

Headline tournaments are our flagship BYOC competitions. These will have an official stream for the whole weekend, featuring the best upcoming UK casters, and a stage final on Insomnia’s BYOC Stage. With these tournaments, we aim to showcase and support the growing esports talent within the UK. We’ll be working with partners to improve the tournament experience for both players and our audience on Twitch. Headline tournaments will always host a minimum prize pool of £5,000, with the option for sponsors to increase it further.

Community Prize tournaments are for our games that have a core community who attend every Insomnia, but don’t have the numbers to reach headline status. Rather than remove tournaments, as we’ve done in the past, we wanted to continue supporting these communities in a way that also opened them up for the UK esports community to get more involved than ever before. These will not have stage finals, or official Multiplay streams, but instead are open to you to stream! We’ll be opening an application form where we’ll give you an official Insomnia asset pack, access to our tournament admins for easy updates, a special tag in the event Discord so players know who you are, links to your stream from our tournament page, and scheduled social media announcements driving new viewers directly to your stream.

Casual Cups will remain the same tournaments you know and love, covering anything you want to play, from Age of Empires 2 to Dawn of War 3. Our dedicated team of admins will be on hand all weekend to create & run any tournament you can come up with!

Head over to our tournament page now to see what’s on offer at Insomnia61, including the return of Team Fortress 2.

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