Insomnia Gaming Festival | A Celebration Of Gaming


The Insomnia Bring Your Own Computer (or BYOC!) is the UK’s biggest LAN party running for over 20 years.

Compete in Esports tournaments, participate in multiplayer battles, enjoy our array of evening entertainment or just relax in our social gaming areas. Whatever you decide to do we can assure weekend of action-packed gaming fun!


New to LAN? We’ve been running them for over 20 years and it’s a fantastic way to get away from life for a bit, game together with your friends and have an amazing experience! Want to spend the weekend raiding in World of Warcraft? Go for it! Fight it out in Overwatch 2 lobbies for 96 hours? Sure! Take a long weekend to master the intricacies of Solitaire? Hey, we won’t judge.

LAN STARTS HERE is your opportunity to get a taste of what being part of our incredible LAN community is like. Spend some time in the LAN Starts Here arena with your friends, speak with our LAN experts to find out more about what there is to see and do and then gain access to LAN-exclusive perks like the Social Games Area and League Unlocked*

Anyone with a Day or Weekend ticket can take part in the LAN Starts Here area, simply head to the LAN Help Desk and sign up for your LAN gaming slot!

*League Unlocked will require your own LoL account when playing in your LSH slot


Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend of gaming with your friends, a full competitive experience in the iSeries Opens or just a plush, VIP experience; we have ticket options for every LAN gamer!

For a full breakdown of what each ticket includes, check out the Ticket Types page!

From £110

From £130

From £210

From £290


From scheduled community gaming content, chilled-out social gaming and even online scavenger hunts, there’s plenty to do over Insomnia weekend at LAN!

A space for you to take part in community activity or just chill with your friends and play games from your own account or from the selection of games available.

The Free to Play area will include high-end gaming PCs, Xbox series X and PS5 consoles.

Coming as a BYOC guest on a day or weekend ticket? Take advantage of the Free to play area and game with your friends in the LAN.

Are you a social butterfly? Do you yearn to play games with others? Do you like board games? Well if you do then the BYOC Social Games Area will be just right for you! We have a catalogue of over 50 card and board game titles for you to pick up and play whenever you want! You can also book into TTRPG sessions where you can take part in Pathfinder and other exciting titles. Just want to chill and play Jackbox? We have you covered too, we may even have a Just dance section for those budding movers and shakers!

The LAN Raffle returns once more. Our way of saying thank you to the LAN community for just being awesome. With the help of our long-standing partners, we have a large selection of cool prizes up for grabs.

All you need to do to take part is to have fun! Raffle tickets are collected for taking part in various LAN activities during the event, from esports tournaments to scheduled social games and even the pub quiz, so make sure you take advantage and don’t miss your chase to walk away with cool stuff!

DANGER: COGNITIVE HAZARDS DETECTED. Take appropriate precautions when approaching anything enigmatic. The iHunt taskforce requires your assistance to contain the outbreak – test your puzzling skills in teams of 1-4 to save humanity and/or win prizes. The i70 iHunt starts at midday on Friday the 7th of April. Sign up at www.theihunt.uk


Virtual Ghost will have you literally running around in-game with a mini version of their VR arcade at i70. Check them out in the social games area at BYOC where you'll be able to try out the latest VR locomotion on a variety of games and experiences.

They are VR industry specialists and love to chat VR, even if you catch them after hours!


Face off against the rest of the Insomnia LAN Party to take the Ultimate Community LAN Gamer crown!

The Community Gamer Challenge is a 3-day competition for solo players to enter. The players will play matches against other players in 5 different gaming genres and across multiple gaming platforms using the stations in the Free to Play and the Social Games area.

Players earn points for every match they take part in, their points will be totalled and showcased on the leaderboard. At the end of the event, the top 3 players will be crowned and prizes awarded.

Games schedule 1 game over 3 days (Fri/Sat/Sun), and 2 games per day running Saturday and Sunday. All players who play get 1 raffle ticket for each round they enter.

Mario Kart 8

Time Trial

Free-To-Play Area

Overwatch 2


Free-To-Play Area

Overcooked 2


Free-To-Play Area

Street Fighter IV


Free-To-Play Area


No, actual chess

Social Games Area


Exclusive to the LAN community, our iSeries Opens are your opportunity to show us what you’ve got, compete against the best of the best a win cash prizes! All finals are played on our MASSIVE esports stage!

If you’re just starting your esports journey, don’t let that put you off, we also run LAN Intermediates alongside the larger tournaments (that’s where you’ll find us, we suck at Counter-Strike)


All weekend long try out every champion and get bonus XP with League Unlocked!


What better opportunity is there to play along with our fully planned games schedule than at the Insomnia LAN! Designed to keep you busy all weekend with groups, play sessions and new friends/experiences waiting to be made.

We’ll have sessions all weekend long for the biggest and best that PC gaming has to offer such as:


Prop Hunt10:00
COD: MW2 Warzone11:00
Fall Guys13:00
Golf with Friends16:00
League of Legends17:00
Rainbow Six: Siege20:00
Rocket League11:00
Golf with your Friends13:00
Apex Legends14:00
Team Fortress 219:00
Overwatch 220:00
Counter Strike Global Offensive11:00
Sea of Thieves13:00
Fall guys16:00
COD MW2 – DMZ17:00
GTA V Online19:00
Dota 220:00
Golf with your Friends13:00


Interested? We’re just getting started! Have a look at these amazing perks and extra available to our LAN Community!

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