Insomnia Gaming Festival | A Celebration Of Gaming


Are you looking for the latest addition to your cabinet of nerdy wonders? Looking for something that shows everyone at the office your desk is the quirkiest? Or just looking for something to take home that makes people stop and say “Oh wow! that’s amazing! Where did you get that?!” and you can proudly reply “I got it at Insomnia!” 

Or if you’re just after a keyring… The Marketplace at Insomnia has it all for you!

Custom Lego Sets

Demonhunter Bricks designs and sells custom-designed kits made using genuine LEGO parts. Get the experience of building completely unique kits exclusive to Demonhunter Bricks.

Art, Paintings & Prints

Original Art and Limited Edition Prints

trading cards & accessories

Parallel Worlds stock a wide variety of gaming merchandise that includes trading cards & accessories, Funko POP! Vinyls, action figures, jigsaw puzzles and plushies.

Inked gaming fanart

Anime canvas art

A group of bro's passionate about anime and all things geeky and cool, while making and selling Premium Quality Canvases, hand-made in the UK. Some of the most vibrant wall art you will ever see!

Tabletop Gaming Accessories

The home of funky coloured RPG tabletop accessories. The vibrant dice trays are the speciality of the shop, mixing colours and wood stains with patterned fabrics, faux leathers and felts.

Tabletop Tankards & Memes

We'll be expanding our etched glass tankard selection beyond the usual DM, alignment and class orientated designs by launching brand new designs for Monks and Artificers at Insomnia, to name but a few. So roll high on initiative and have that bag of holding at the ready.
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