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Team Fortress 2 Fun Tournament Changes to Highlander 9v9

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i45 TF2 Highlander Tournament! Click to sign up

Since we added the fun Team Fortress 2 Tournament to our schedule, we had the uncomfortable feeling that it was simply not enough. We could not quite figure out what we wanted. Then we discovered the Highlander game mode! It is a competitive tournament mode involving teams of 9, one of each class available in TF2. Thats one Scout, Medic, Heavy, Engineer, Spy, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman and Sniper. No duplicates!

This also makes tactics much more interesting, as the range of things a team can do becomes much wider. We expect this tournament to be really exciting to play in, so make sure your team gets involved! If you are taking part in the 6v6 prize tournament do not worry, the 9v9 is scheduled to begin after the group stages so players can play in both tournaments if they do not make it into the elimination stage.

What is Highlander?

To get a better general idea as to what Highlander is, click the image above and read the original article on, our partner site, where they have 264 teams registered for the current season 2!

Make sure you have your ticket for Insomnia45 and head on over to the tournament page and sign up your team now!

Edit: Check the ETF2L Forum to arrange your teams, threads are already set up for you!