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ESET UK Masters Gamecom EU Open begins Thursday

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Attention EU Starcrafters! The ESET UK Masters Gamecom EU Open launches this Thursday. All games will be played on EU.BATTLE.NET, on Heart of the Swarm. Entry is restricted to EU players only, with casting from  JoRoSaR and Madals. Viewers and non-combatants can catch all the action over on the ESET UK Masters twitch from 18:00 GMT on the day. Pre-discussion is taking place over at the Team Liquid forums so head over there to share your views, predictions, and well-received community memes.

First prize is a GameCom commander, worth £249!

Second prize is a GameCom 380, a solid piece of kit with great range.

Full details of the tournament including brackets, players, and rules can be found on the ESET UK Masters website.

World Famous Raffle Winning Tickets!

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Another Insomnia event has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean that if you didn’t manage to bag something awesome during the weekend that it’s all over yet!

The World Famous Insomnia Raffle has many unclaimed prizes, that need to be won by YOU! Below are the numbers that remain, so check your tickets and get in touch.

If you have a winning ticket, you need to send it to us attached to a piece of paper, with your name, address and telephone number, and make sure that all tickets are secured on that piece of paper. If you have won one of our larger prizes (such as the PC case) we usually ask for £10 towards the shipping of the prize.

Head on over to our Contact Us page to grab our address, and Good luck!

However, please do not phone the office, as until we unbox all the prizes we cannot tell you what you have won.

*UPDATE! The numbers we added for Blue Tickets had an error, please check your numbers again!

Blue Tickets
AW46 8G56 13
AW46 8G56 93
AW46 8G56 124
AW46 8G56 154
AW46 8G56 233
AW46 8G56 239
AW46 8G56 335
AW46 8G56 394
AW46 8G56 436
AW46 8G56 532
AW46 8G56 631
AW46 8G56 632
AW46 8G56 668
AW46 8G56 725
AW46 8G56 916
AW46 8G56 933
AW46 8G56 982

Bright Pink Tickets
AW 432973 4
AW 432973 43
AW 432973 57
AW 432973 34

Cream Tickets
AW 146249 207
AW 146249 219
AW 146249 239
AW 146249 275
AW 146249 588
AW 146249 645
AW 146249 913
AW 146249 959

Dusky Pink Tickets
AX4V EG56 23
AX4V EG56 85
AX4V EG56 404
AX4V EG56 411
AX4V EG56 571
AX4V EG56 643

Gold Tickets
AW 424074 18
AW 424074 296
AW 424074 378
AW 424074 529
AW 424074 560
AW 424074 872
AW 424074 881

Green Tickets
AW 138620 16
AW 138620 705
AW 138620 670
AW 138620 90

Lilac Tickets
AW 142888 554
AW 142888 443
AW 142888 931
AW 142888 995
AW 142888 420
AW 142888 888
AW 142888 591
AW 142888 539
AW 142888 637
AW 142888 607
AW 142888 632
AW 142888 962

Lime Green Tickets
AX3N HG56 51
AX3N HG56 53
AX3N HG56 69
AX3N HG56 503
AX3N HG56 546
AX3N HG56 862

Orange Tickets
AZ17 6G57 382
AZ17 6G57 401

Peach Tickets
AW 158131 263
AW 158131 768
AW 158131 881

White Tickets
AW82 9G56 24
AW82 9G56 135
AW82 9G56 216
AW82 9G56 281
AW82 9G56 327
AW82 9G56 357
AW82 9G56 383
AW82 9G56 410
AW82 9G56 446
AW82 9G56 457
AW82 9G56 530
AW82 9G56 618
AW82 9G56 780
AW82 9G56 808
AW82 9G56 831
AW82 9G56 851
AW82 9G56 973

Yellow Tickets
AX2C 2G56 67
AX2C 2G56 225
AX2C 2G56 523

insomnia46 – Goodbye from insomnia46!

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Sadly, we have reached that time where it’s the end of insomnia46.

We’ve all a fantastic time here, from the memorable tournaments, to the new catering & bar area, socialising and of course the most important thing… gaming!

Don’t forget to check out all our coverage from the weekend on the iSeries website, Multiplay Forums, videos of tournaments and iLive Bytes at Fileplay and our Flickr page.

The Raffle Results will be available online soon, as will the general Tournament Feedback threads – so make sure you keep an eye out.

Wizzo has also announced the dates for the insomnia events in 2013, however these are subject to change. You can find them by clicking here.

From all of us here at insomnia46, we hope to see you next event at insomnia47 (30th November – 3rd December 2012) otherwise, an event very soon!

Narella, Senoki, B_Dawg and the rest of the Content Team

insomnia46 – Classic Mixup win the TF2 Tournament!

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A big congratulations to Classic Mixup for winning the TF2 tournament!

This final saw both teams (Classic Mixup and Leviathan Gaming) fly from America and this wouldn’t be possible without the outstanding TF2 community. This is the first time in iseries history that we have had any TF2 teams from outside of Europe and we are very happy that they could take part.

Both teams prior to the final won all of their matches, with Classic Mixup and Leviathan Gaming meeting in the Double Elims Upper Final where Classic Mixup won 2-0. Whilst Classic Mixup were favourites to win, both teams pulled off an outstanding performance resulting in the game going into three maps (cp_gravelpit, cp_gullywash and cp_badlands). Leviathan Gaming had a very good defense throughout the three maps and it really could have been anyone’s game. At times, Classic Mixup would wipe out LG’s team causing some very early and quick caps. Leviathan Gaming didn’t so much hesitate as they held a very strong side throughout the game.

Classic Mixup take home £2,500 and Leviathan Gaming take £1,000. Well done to all players who took part and hopefully we will have a bigger TF2 tournament at the next few events!