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Insomnia Cosplay Competition

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As it has been for the last few Insomnias, The Cosplay Competition has delivered a colourful and diverse collection of cosplayers to the stage, not only to impress the audience, but also our fierce panel of Judges, this time Tigerlily, Kelly Jean and Dragonfly from The Anime League.

From Minecraft to Dragonball, Animal Crossing to Resident Evil, the stage was lit up with a plethora of characters, all showing their skills in creating their costumes, and showing their stuff.

And whilst our Judges tallied the score, GiffGaff provided the entertainment, with competitions and giveaways, continuing the party feeling of the crowd.

The winner was Silantre Gogan as a Hippogryph for World of Warcraft!

2nd Place was Christina White as League of Legend’s Ashe.

And 3rd Place went to Ben Broadbent as Minecraft’s Wither Boss.

Group Cosplay went to Jake Neal, Ryan Neal and Emma Beard as a Group from Borderlands.

Well done to everyone who took part in the Competition and managed to impress our judges!

Exclusive Yogscast news + Mini PVP battle!

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The Yogscast, one of the biggest gaming channels in the world, have exclusively announced the introduction of three new members.

Hatfilms, one of Youtube’s up and coming gaming forces have been exclusively announced as the newest addition to the Yogscast family right here at i49.

Hatfilms have been collaborating with the Yogscast for the last few years, and there have been more than a few rumors circulating about the two joining forces. However this does not spell the end for Hatfilms! They’ve assured us in their panel that their channel is still going to remain independent, but there will be more room for collaboration and live footage.

Now onto the event itself, it’s time for a little bit of PVP provided by the Hive.Mc.

The teams were split into two, with one consisting of Yogscast favourites: Duncan, Strippin, Inthelittlewood and Bebopvox , and the other containing the newbies of the group: Hatfilms and Dave Chaos.

So the games were set, and now it was just a free for all battle. The first round was over pretty quickly with Inthelittlewood scoring the majority of the kills, however he was destroyed in the deathmatch by DaveChaos

Round two was over just as quickly, however it was Strippin that delivered the majority of blows in this match, but  in the end he was killed by none other than Ross Hornby of Hatfilms, who went on to kill Alsmiffy to win the match!

It’s always a great experience to see seasoned Minecrafters go head to head, and this has to be one of the most comical and exciting hunger games experienced in the i series!

Why don’t you take a look at our live-stream for a glimpse into all the events on the main stage , if not then check out our Youtube page and you’ll be able to catch up on everything you’ve missed!

Insomnia i49 Minecraft Expo: Noxcrew Panel

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Gameshows. We all have fond memories of them. 50/50, Knightmare, Jungle Run, all the trials and games we watched with joy as kids (or even adults).

And with an exclusive screening of The Noxcrew Gameshow, the Panel (Headed by Noxite, Andrej [Shronky], xILubez [Lewis], iBuze [Henry] and Epic_Landlord [Issac], we are given a creative, funny and extremely tense throwback to those classic shows, with your favourite Minecrafters, including InthelittleWood, SototallyToby, MusicbyPedro, Slamacow, Variede and At_God. As well as conducting a Q+A on all things Noxcrew.

We won’t spoil the outcome, but you can check it out on the live stream at and find out for yourself.

Insomnia i49 Minecraft Expo: Hat Films Panel

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The Hat Films panel was a light hearted look into the mind of Hat Films, made up of Trottimus (Chris), Alsmithy (Alex) and djh3max (Ross)

The Trio held a casual conversation from their recent partnership with The Yogscast, to setting up their channel and the troubles they face in creating their unique and colorful content. As well as taking audience questions with their laid back style and humor.

Area 11 move up to 11th best Minecraft band!

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Anime rock quartet really know how to raise the roof as they give an astounding performance in the main lobby. The group started with their widest known soundbite, a small introduction to their song “Euphemia” which is famously known as the theme tune for the Yogscast main Youtube channel.

The crowd were then treated to songs such as “Dream in reality” and “Knightmare frame”, before being joined by special guest Bekki Cruel to perform the song “Shi no barado”

It’s not too often that you see a band that combines heavy music with anime themes, and not only does it work excessively well, it’s also the perfect companion for the i49 festival!

Make sure to check out our Youtube channel to see all of our newly updated content!