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World Famous Pub Quiz

The World Famous Pub Quiz™ returns to Insomnia!

Enjoy rounds of general knowledge, gaming trivia, gaming music and more in this adults only fun filled evening of community antics that one guy in the survey once said was “a bit much”.  Not only that, The World Famous Pub Quiz™ is proud to support our partner Special Effects. Get your team ready and remember, winners don’t use phones. So to round up: Trivia. Charity. Nonsense. Singing. Are you drinking yet?

If you have any queries or haven’t received your early access BYOC or Weekend ticket links please get in touch at events@player1events and quote your Insomnia ticket booking reference.

WARNING: Strictly 18 years and up. Contains content that some may find shocking and/or offensive. But hey, it’s 2020 and what’s not offensive these days?

Table layout


Don’t forget! BYOC ticket holders will receive 48 hours early access to purchase their Pub Quiz tickets and Weekend ticket holders will have 24 hours!

Tickets always sell fast so secure your Insomnia tickets as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the community night of the year!

Once Pub Quiz tickets have launched, you will receive an email containing a link to purchase your early access tickets! This will be the same email you used to book your i66 tickets.

Using the See Tickets seat picker

Manually picking seats

After clicking on the option to buy tickets you will be met with a screen layout of the Pub Quiz hall.

*May not be specially accurate

From here you can zoom in and decide what seats you would like to choose.

Click on the seats you would like to pick and a sub-total will begin to tally up under the box.

Once this is complete you can click “next” to purchase your tickets!

Using the seat selector

Alternatively, you can click on “select the best seats for me” and See Tickets will automatically place you in the best available spot for the amount of tickets you want to purchase. Here’s how this works:

On this screen you’ll be able to pick how many tickets you would like; either in VIP or standard.

Then you will be asked to choose what table you would like to sit at based on what is available for the amount of tickets you have requested.

Finally, the seat picker will give you an overview on the best seats available for you.

You can then click “Buy Tickets” and finish your purchase

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