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Are you looking for the latest addition too your cabinet of nerdy wonders? Looking for something that shows everyone at the office your desk is the quirkiest? Or just looking for something to take home that makes people stop and say “Oh wow! thats amazing! Where did you get that?!” and you can proudly reply “I got it at Insomnia!” 

Or if you’re just after a keyring…

Shopping at Insomnia has it all for you! Have a look at our esteemed marketplace partners and retail therapy providers!

Hand Made In The Hellmouth

Handmade in the Hellmouth came about thanks to our love of all things geeky. We attended lots of comic cons as punters, but got a little bored of seeing the same products over and over again, so we decided to try and make our own designs that we could print onto items ourselves.

Undead Gaming

We are very excited to be bringing our fan art inspired painted custom controllers back to Insomnia. We will be offering a free fitting service to any purchased too plate to all customers, so please feel free to bring along your controllers.

Nerd Retreat

Nerds Retreat provides an online store for the products I frequently showcase at MCM Expos, Video Gaming Markets and Comic Cons. It also houses some of my favourite pieces that I've worked on over the years in the art section. These range from posters to greetings cards to weird projects I've had a hand in like an 'adult' range of cereals...

Firestorm Cards

Firestorm Cards Specialises in Singles for Magic the Gathering and Dice Masters. We are also the UKs largest stockists of Warcraft Loot Cards. We also specialist in table top games.
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