Insomnia66 | The UK's Biggest Gaming Festival



A brand new gameshow - audience members team up with our special guest captains to answer quickfire gaming questions and compete over several rounds of classic 1v1 games including Speedrunners, Nidhogg & more. Each victory gets your captain a few seconds closer to victory in the final Captain’s Challenge - a race to the finish deciding who can claim the title of Hot Seat champion.
Two teams of special guests go head to head to crown Insomnia's Super Mario Maker 2 champions in this showdown of epic proportions. They'll play levels they've never seen before, handing the controller off every time they die. 
The Expo Stage returns to the Insomnia Gaming Festival at i65! Running free shows all day in the Expo Hall, it's the perfect place to see your favourite special guests play games, watch panel talks from industry experts, and become the star you were born to be in daily gaming competitions.

Do you have an idea for a panel for our brand new Expo Stage? Have some engaging content to bring to the show? Well let us know with the form below!
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