Insomnia Gaming Festival | A Celebration Of Gaming

Volunteer Portal

Welcome to Insomnia; this web page will help you with everything you need to know about the show and guide your smooth participation – from parking to check in, we have you covered! 

Please read the volunteer info bible carefully and check all the documents below; they will answer all your questions – if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your team leader or the Volunteer Manager: Lewis Collins; [email protected]

If you need NEC specific details, please visit their FAQ’s page here.

Looking forward to working with you at the event!


Food and Drink

We have heard your feedback regarding the food offered at the event and here are our actions for i69:

  • Pastries instead of muffins for breakfast.
  • Due to health and safety reasons, we cannot have a toaster in the offices, however, you’ll be more than welcome to collect toast and butter/jam from Hall 1 Restaurant on the campsite on live days with your volunteer wristband.
  • The food voucher value is £11 for i69 (vs £9 for previous events) to be used in any open outlet throughout the event. 
  • Staff, contractors and volunteers will also be able to order food from the Hall 4 Restaurant, in this location all the meal deals (any main meal with fries and a drink) will be available for £11, Thursday evening to Monday lunch. Menu attached – not available for order to desk if you are paying with food vouchers.  
  • We are splitting the £11 food vouchers per meal into 2 x £5.50, to allow for people to use them more efficiently without having to spend the full amount. 

We are working on expanding the hours of food and refreshments offering; more information about this on site!

Discord Channels and Announcements

During the last event, Discord was used extensively, and many thought the constant tagging was excessive. We have heard this and will be using a new specific role for each event so that people who wish to be included in announcements as a tag can do so.

Volunteer pack up on Tuesday

We are trying to make it easy for those with equipment leaving site on Monday and Tuesday; from now on volunteers can come down to the OEA (through Gate 1) as a pickup point, during the following times

  • Monday 29th  10am-12pm & 4pm-8pm
  • Tuesday 30th 10am-12pm

Volunteer check-in open times & location

Unfortunately, we only have a set amount of office space to use as part of the halls so moving the volunteer office might be difficult, we will however be extending the office opening times until midday.  

Volunteer breakout room 

We apologise for the issues with the volunteer breakout room during the last event, we will be working to improve the setup in that room and make sure the equipment & network are fit for purpose.

Volunteer dropouts

This is something we can’t do a lot about but we opened up signups as early as we could to get people confirmed faster, and with the improvements, we are suggesting we would also hope to see higher retention. 

Not a lot of cross-volunteer team social stuff.
We are looking at what we can do to increase the social aspect of volunteering and have organised with the NEC to enjoy a social drink together after the breakdown on Sunday evening. Just head over to the bar after your shift ends and get Geo to buy you a drink! We hope to see you there! Also head to discord and make sure you are in the volunteer channels as we know some people are organising cross-team bowling activities on Wednesday evening.

We also encourage more individuals to get together and arrange social activities during insomnia!

Staff seating

We have reduced the amount of staff seating to reflect the number of people that take advantage of the perk; this will hopefully make it look less barren – we are also looking at the areas we place certain teams to make it more fitting to their interactions with the community. 

Shopping Basket


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