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Wanna know a secret? Volunteers are the most important part of Insomnia Gaming Festival. We have been inviting people to volunteer at our events for over 20 years and it’s a fantastic way to get behind the scenes, work with hundreds of like-minded individuals with a passion for play and help us make sure Insomnia is the greatest gaming event in the UK. Whether you steward, help with stage content or work on the festival’s infrastructure, everyone that steps into Insomnia as a volunteer is making a massive difference.

Volunteering at Insomnia is a safe, inclusive and above all, rewarding experience. We take great pride in taking in as much feedback as we can from every volunteer to make sure everyone feels welcome and valued. We also take steps to ensure that our application screening process is based purely on the merit of the individual and is never seen as discriminatory or derogatory. We aim to offer equal opportunities and welcome applications from all sections of the community. If you have any questions, require any reasonable adjustments to volunteer or want to know more than you can find on this page, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

There are several teams that help to run the event from supporting the BYOC activities to assisting with Tournament administration. To see what team fits you the best, take a look at the following options.

In order to apply as a volunteer at the Insomnia Gaming Festival, you must be 18 or older.


The front line of community engagement at Insomnia; this team branches out across the whole show – dealing with various elements of the event such as supporting our creators’ meet ups, checking visitors in and managing queues for our exciting zones. Ideal for someone keen to have a hand in every aspect of gaming events! Although this role involves long shifts on your feet, we can make reasonable adjustments if required. 


Thursday AM –  Sunday PM


The core of insomnia! Engage with the Insomnia community in the BYOC, along with manning the BYOC check-in & helpdesk you will also be highly active in the BYOC Discord Server and help run all the fun BYOC activities during the event. Bring your PC and get involved!


Wednesday PM – Monday PM


Working with our logistics staff to build and break the event. This team is the beating heart of all event logistics; the job is physically demanding and you will be spending a lot of time lifting and shifting boxes and moving pallets within the show, but it’s a lot of fun with plenty of downtime to relax and enjoy the festival. Although the work is physically demanding, we can make reasonable adjustments if required. 


Wednesday AM – Tuesday AM


Turning it off and on again not working? Be part of the customer facing tech wizards of the event. Help with the setting-up and packing-down the power and network for BYOC; also, running the HelpDesk during the event to support customers with technical issues.


Wednesday AM – Monday PM


Very similar to the Expo engagement team, but this is for those with more of a thirst for running tournaments out on the show floor! You will need an organisational head on your shoulders and be dealing directly with players that want to participate in our expo tournaments! You will need to have a very customer service approach, and experience running tournaments will go a long way for this role. Also expect to be on your feet for a long day, but in the evenings you can always relax with the community in the BYOC hall.


Thursday AM – Sunday PM


3000 LAN gamers. Only a handful of winners. Here, you will be running tournaments in the BYOC hall; a good head for organisation and an understanding of how tournaments work will be needed – you will be helping all our competitive customers participate in a fun and fair set of tournaments. You are more likely to get these roles if you have some experience running the titles we usually host as these tournaments can be quite demanding!


Thursday PM – Monday PM


Working on live stages as crew, operating production equipment and developing production skills.


Wednesday AM – Sunday PM


  • We receive hundreds of applications, so it takes time to contact the successful volunteers – bear with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • The Insomnia Gaming Festival Team will review all applications as they come in, and invite successful candidates to officially ‘sign-up’; we are aiming to get back to you in 2 waves:
    • W/C 27th June 2022 – Wave 1
    • W/C 26th July 2022 – Wave 2

Be aware, these dates are tentative and could be subject to change.

If you are not accepted into your first choice, you can apply again for a different position and be considered in one of the following waves.


  • Before the festival, your team Team Leader will confirm site plans, and you’ll be sent many more details about the event, including an outline of your personal schedule (you’ll need to turn up to all allocated shifts!).
  • Uniform is provided for live event days.
  • Steel toe cap boots and high-vis are mandatory for Technical and Logistics teams – they need to be self sourced! 
  • Food vouchers are provided for each day you’re on a shift.
  • Campsite access is included at the NEC – just bring your tent or camp bed, anything you will be comfortable in!
  • Parking is included, but there’s limited availability, so get there fast!
  • All volunteers will get: 2 complimentary Family & Friends tickets for Sunday, and the opportunity to apply for a BYOC seat when you sign up (subject to limited availability).
  • If you have booked your ticket and are accepted to become a Volunteer you will be unable to request a refund.
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