The memories remain

We came. We saw. We conquered. Check out what happened and who was at Insomnia59 and relive all the action from our biggest ever event! Taking place across three days, over 20,000 joined in the fun. Tournaments raged, while international content creators and lit up our stages in typically chaotic style.

just ordered my #i59 tickets and to top it off sounds like i'm gonna be at the pub quiz with some pretty awesome people #LetsGo!

Multiplay Antics

From Chilli peppers, Disc Flipping to Beatboxing. Make sure to check out just some of the Antics from the Multiplay staff in the build up to Insomnia59. Make sure to check our YouTube channel weekly to see more Antics!.

@MultiplayEvents @GassyMexican @Luke_E_Mac I like the little foot swerve

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