Insomnia Tickets

Please Note: If you are attending as a BYOC participant and are under the age of 18, you will need to download and complete a Consent Form

Tickets will NOT be available on the door at the event. You must have purchased tickets online before they sell out to attend Insomnia58.

Choose Your Ticket Day Visitor Ticket
Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon
Weekend Festival Ticket
Access from 10:30am to 6pm
Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC)
£25 £60 £99
Exhibition Entry Yes Yes Yes
Main/Expo Stage Access Yes Yes Yes
Feature Zones Yes Yes Yes
Esport Stage Access Yes Yes Yes
Indoor Camping
(additional £27 cost, 16+ only)
Yes Yes
BYOC Tournament Entry Yes
Seat in the LAN gaming areas Yes




Day Visitor Tickets

Want to come down for just one day to see Special Guests, browse the Exhibition Hall, and participate in all the fun gaming activities? Insomnia is a perfect day out for families and friends. Find out What’s On next event.
  • Full access to all daytime activities
  • Watch stage shows, browse the Expo Hall, and check out all the feature zones
  • Be a part of the UK’s biggest gaming festival just for the day
  • Day tickets are available for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Weekend Festival Tickets

Sometimes one day just isn’t enough. A Weekend Festival ticket allows you to spend the entire weekend at the event; you can catch Insomnia Stage shows during the day. This is perfect for people who want the full festival experience, but don’t want to join in with the BYOC LAN gaming.
  • Full access to all daytime activities on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Day access 10:30am – 6:00pm
  • Access to evening activities are available but will be ticketed separately!

Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC)

BYOC, or “Bring Your Own Computer / Console”, is the classic Insomnia Gaming Festival experience. With a BYOC ticket you can attend the event for the whole weekend, 24 hours a day; you get a seat in the LAN halls to plug your gaming device into, plus access to all other areas of the event. With our Early Arrival Service (EAS) you can even come down on Thursday evening! Find out more about BYOC on our LAN Halls page.
  • Grants 24hr access to the LAN Hall and all event areas
  • A LAN Gaming Hall seat included
  • Allows participation in PC esports Tournaments
  • With EAS (Early Arrival Service) you can attend on Thursday night too
  • Access to ticketed evening activities

Addtional Services

Here you can add the following add-ons to your order:.
  • Weekend Festival Camping Add-On
  • BYOC Camping Add-On
  • BYOC EAS (Early Arrival Service) Add-On

If you have any problems with purchasing tickets, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!